Sage Advice

Richard K. Borden presents his new book:

Sage Advice: The Lives and Maxims of Some of History’s Wisest People

Richard K. Borden is an environmental geologist and senior manager with thirty-five years of experience in the mining and consulting industries. He is also an engaged husband, father, and citizen. His work has taken him from remote field camps scattered across six continents to corporate boardrooms and the Halls of Congress. Throughout his life he has been fascinated by the world’s diverse ethical, spiritual, and historical traditions and the wisdom that they can provide.

“Supreme Indeed is the Middle Path”

Twenty-five hundred years ago the Chinese philosopher Confucius stated “Supreme indeed is the middle path.”  Moderation along with wisdom, justice and courage was one of the four core virtues of ancient pagan Greece and Rome.  The benefits of moderation were also highlighted in the Christian Bible and Jewish Torah.  In fact almost every successful religious…
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Unity and Diversity

Diversity of thought, experience, interests and expertise are critical for successful group decision-making and the long term success of organizations, communities and societies.  As the world becomes ever more integrated through technology, commerce, travel and immigration, every nation will also have to adapt to increasing ethnic, religious and cultural diversity.  New immigrants can bring needed…
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The Dignity of Work

“All creatures exist for a purpose.  Even an ant knows what that purpose is.  Only human beings have come to a point where they no longer know why they exist.”   These wise words were spoken decades ago by John Fire Lame Deer, a Lakota holy man and philosopher, but they are even more true today. …
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We All Need Heroes

Stone Age humans doubtless spent nights around their camp fires telling heroic tales about ancestors who triumphed over adversity through ingenuity, bravery and grit.  Once writing was invented the oldest surviving stories also chronicle the adventures of great heroes like Gilgamesh of Sumeria (4000 years ago in modern day Iraq), Odysseus of ancient Greece (2700…
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“Rights Spring Only From Duties Well Done”

The Indian civil rights leader Mahatma Gandhi famously said “Rights spring only from duties well done.”  Even as he led the struggle for Indian independence and equality for untouchables, Gandhi was careful to speak of rights in the context of their corresponding responsibilities. In the United States we may all have the right to “life,…
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Tech Companies Have Amassed Too Much Power – Teddy Roosevelt Would Be Ready For A Fight

The high tech economy has led to rapid innovation and generated vast riches, but it has also concentrated wealth and power in the hands of a few corporations.  Today just five technology companies (Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Facebook) account for twenty percent of all United States stock market value.  These companies also control roughly…
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